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Sky Blue Wedding Photography

Sky Blue Wedding Photography is all about capturing special moments in the way that mother nature offers. This page is a quick glimpse into Sky Blue Wedding Photography, and their personal approach to wedding photography and the vision they have for making it even more special. 

Wedding photography needs to be left to professionals and you have that here. we truly love the spontaneity of weddings and the click of a camera. 



Founder of Sky Blue Wedding Photography, David Guest is a South African, who is incredibly  proud of his beautiful country. He found his love for photography while working as a Game Ranger and then focused and specialised in wedding photography incorporating a network of professionals into his business. 


Over 10 years of experience and internationally recognised, more specifically to Europe. his network is well versed in the wedding industry and various cultures. He returned from the UK in 2022 and now operates from Cape Town, South Africa. 


Sky Blue Wedding Photography's approach is clear cut and simple. Wild at heart. they have a truly relaxed way and very clear direction of creating romantic, heartfelt and engaging imagery. 

Every wedding and couple is different. Adapting to whatever happens is key and more importantly, working with couples and their guest to  ensure it's fun, relaxed and a day never to be forgotten. 

Nature is a big part of photography that David embraces into Sky Blue Wedding Photography. he and his team are always aiming to implement this key factor. Wild at heart. Keeping it pure! 

Portfolio 05-01-23-834.jpg
Portfolio 05-01-23-834.jpg


Their vision has always been to showcase nature, candidness and the natural  engagement in a story telling way between bride and groom as well as their family and guests.   Sky Blue Wedding Photography's team thrive on couples to be excited and enjoy knowing they have peace of mind that they have the right professionals for their special day. 

Communication is another important factor that David implements within the company model. A relaxed, fun and flexible vision with couples and their guests is key. 

What the heart desires, the camera will see. Snap!

Words From David

At Sky Blue Wedding Photography, I believe that photography is an art form strengthened by a collection of creative minds who all strive to capture the beauty and emotion of your special day in a natural way. Over the years I have brought an array of skilled creative minds to enhance the business, from editors to assistants, printers and suppliers..

I started my journey with film photography as a child. Later on I worked in the African bush, photographing wild life. This experience eventually brought me to wedding photography, where I found a natural way to combine my love for weddings, like minded artists and nature to tell unique stories for each wedding. With a creative team. I could not be more proud. 


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