Little About Me

Born and raised in sunny South Africa, I grew up enjoying the simple things in life. An adventurous approach to life is something that’s always been a big part of who I am. It’s allowed me to photograph amazing cultures while hiking across Africa, to working with wild animals as a Game Ranger. In 2010, I moved to the UK where I decided that the thrills of a wedding is what I wanted to photograph next. From there it's gone from strength to strength with every couple over the moon with joy when they first see their photographs. 

I do everything in a relaxed manner. South Africans have always been known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves and when it comes to photographing the marriage of two people, what more could be said. 

Photography for me is about humbleness. Love, live and smile. Africa taught me that and through that my photography naturally follows.  


How I Work

I approach every wedding differently, seeking out that uniqueness.

I love the whole day but my favourite part is when it's just the couple and I. 

Candid moments are just as important, moments like speeches where I get to photograph the sisters and moms with tears or the groomsmen bursting into laughter, or even that silent tear of dad. There are so many moments in the day like this and I'm pretty good at finding them. 

Spotting gorgeous backdrops and composing my couples in them is one of my forte's. Something I'm really proud of and that gives my photographs that resounding feeling of a soft dreamy romance.  

I'm aware of the power a wedding photographer has. Once the day is over, your memories will be those I create for you to share with your guests - I take this responsibility seriously as if your wedding was my own. 

I'm always available 24/7 to ensure that you can reach me when you need to.

David Guest, Wedding Photographer, Sky Blue Wedding Photography

Inspired by Mother Nature

My love of photography started when I worked as a Game Ranger in Africa. I had the beautiful privilege to work with some of Africa’s greatest animals. Mother Nature was my best teacher, a dangerous one at times.


Moments where I was sent scurrying up trees from being chased by all sorts of animals. But what she taught me was to see things in a very natural way and if I didn’t, I was back up a tree again. She had a funny way of teaching that’s for sure, but after 5 amazing years of working in the bush, I left learning that the key to great photography, is to be relaxed and patient, but more importantly, to remember why I do it and for me it’s to capture the beautiful moments in life and freezing it for just a moment so I can look back on it to remind myself of these precious times.


There is nothing more rewarding than coming back home to look through images that take you back in time to that very moment.​ Damn I love a camera!!!